Super-Foods Immortality, Repressed Memories, & My 1st Vegan Grocery Shopping

I totally went vegan grocery shopping and forgot to blog about it…Sorry! You gotta cut me some slack though. I went to Costco on July 3 (that’s the day before the 4th of July. Yeah.) and it was a madhouse! I think I must have been slightly traumatized and blacked out the experience like a repressed memory.

So what does a new vegan get on her first grocery trip?? I’m going to actually list for you my entire shopping list, and then I’ll explain the method behind my madness. Sorry if this is all too much information for you. The reason I want to talk about what I bought is that I would like to kind of de-mystify the whole vegan experience. What goes into the shopping cart? What am I going to use it for? Here’s some answers ūüôā

Agave Nectar¬†<— A honey-like sweetener which comes from the agave plant, I’ll put it in some Earl Grey tea with a little soy milk, a sweet little night time treat

Canned Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans¬†<–they¬†are one and the same, Garbanzo beans are good and good for you, make a soup, throw them in a salad, make a curry !

Canned Black Beans¬†<— For the days I’m sick of garbanzo ūüôā

Dried Roasted Seaweed¬†<–because¬†I’m weird. No, jk I’m going to make a Sushi Roll Salad with them

Olives¬†<— Green AND Black…because I’m fancy pantsy like that

Fresh Greenbeans¬†<— Because green beans are good ! They’re versatile! Steam them with Earth Balance Butter Spread (best vegan butter hands down), saute them with mushrooms & olive oil, pan fry them with soy sauce & chilies!

Mushrooms¬†<— Baby Portabella variety, because they’re good and also versatile, eat them raw in salads, or cooked in hot dishes

Bell Peppers <— For grilling! For stuffing! For baking! For dipping!

Avocado <— Do you really need a reason to buy avocado…? If you do, I can’t help you…And I’m a little suspicious of you now.

Cashews <— I’m actually going to go all culinary chef-like and try some great recipes from my cookbooks. Apparently cashews can be made into some pretty tasty sounding sauces, salad dressings, cheese substitutes, and other stuff!

Broccoli¬†<— Broccoli is a super-food yo! I have a funny story about super-foods¬†actually. So my dad is a lifelong body builder, germaphobe, and sometimes eccentric health nut. He heard about the super-foods and decided that he was going to be really smart and instead of merely incorporating¬†more super-foods into his diet, he would eat only¬†the super-foods¬†and live forever. So he printed out a list of the super-foods, posted it on our refrigerator door, and instructed me to eat only super-foods. Yeah…I didn’t follow his advice, but broccoli is still really good. Maybe if I eat enough of it, I can share in immortality with my dad.

Flour <— I’m running low… Besides, I need it to make amazing vegan baked goods!!

Edamame¬†<— AkA soybeans in their purest form. I’m gonna eat these little babies right out of the pod! I’m going to put them in my (no fish) Sushi Roll Salad! I’m going to get my protein!! So when someone asks me, “where do you get your protein?” I’ll be like “BOOM ! I eat edamame¬†bro!!! WHAT?!!!?!?”…. no not really, I won’t get all crazy. I’ll politely tell them that it’s really no problem meeting my nutritional protein¬†requirements because literally every food has protein, furthermore, that most people get an overabundance of protein which can lead to health problems.

Onions <— Costco sized bag, for like $3 (who says you can’t shop cheap and be vegan?). Onions are my best friend. Onions go in everything.

Salad Greens <— Duh. I got romaine, but whatever lettuce tickles your fancy…

Veggie Broth <— Dun. It’s gonna go in pretty much every hot dish I make.

Honeydew¬†<— I love honey-dew, it’s great to have prepared fruit on hand for those days when I just want to¬†mindlessly eat in front of the TV. I live in the SF Bay Area (not in SF actually, but the¬†East Bay,¬†thus the hot ass weather I’m trying to escape by eating honeydew) It’s hot this time of year, and honeydew just cools you from the inside. Costco was out of honeydew actually so I got something called a Goldendew…I’ll report back on that.

Kitty Litter <— Not required for a new vegan kitchen, but I’ve got cats. Cats gotta poop and mama’s gotta scoop.

Now this is in no way a comprehensive list of everything a new vegan needs. Consult the professionals! Read the book “Becoming Vegan” or just get some vegan cookbooks! Almost every one has a section on nutrition and what should be in a vegan’s kitchen. This is just stuff I bought at Costco to flesh out my pantry, I already had some good stuff to start with: brown rice, Amy’s vegan canned soup, some Honest Eats vegan snack bars, Silk Soy Milk, Almond Breeze Vanilla Unsweetened Almond milk, Nut butters (almond and peanut), various condiments, etc etc.

I’m going to Whole Foods tomorrow and Trader Joe’s next week, to pick up some fun vegan stuff! I’ll get adventurous and buy some vegan cheese, I’ll get some vegan frozen dinners, and for god’s sake some vegan ice cream! More to come!

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