Vegan 4th of July!

Yaaaaay! My very first vegan holiday! It wasn’t all scary or anything either. I did the normal stuff, went to a BBQ at my future in-law’s house. They are really sweet and gracious people and by fiancée’s mom is a very talented cook! I offered to bring something vegan for myself but they said there would be plenty of food (oh boy was there!), and I only really need to bring some veggies to grill if it wanted to.

So I pre-made some vegetable skewers! Nothing fancy, just baby portabella mushrooms, yellow bell pepper slices, and onion. Little tip for anyone desiring to fire up the veggie grill here soon, the mushrooms and onions are so tasty grilled, they really don’t need any seasonings or sauces. The meaty smoked flavor of fire grilled mushrooms is awesome, and the grilling really brings out the sweetness of the onions, I felt very Hawaiian somehow (Disclaimer: I’ve never been to Hawaii haha). However, while I love bell peppers, they need a little sauce or spices or something when you grill them. They got a little dry… Maybe even just a little olive oil or BBQ sauce…something. Anyways, that’s my recommendation.

Back to the festivities!

Oh yeah, it was good. My main course consisted of grilled summer corn, so sweet and delicious.  No butter was necessary <— words I never thought I would say. My potato was oven roasted in olive oil and rosemary, see the little rosemary leaf? So cute! And the salad was a butter lettuce (there’s the butter ;)), fresh sliced strawberry, blueberry, almond salad with a vinaigrette dressing. I’m sorry it’s not the best picture ever, but damn I just wanted to eat it!! I had BBQ veggie skewers as were mentioned previously, but by that time, I was like “forget these pictures, I wanna eat”, sorry guys….I’ll be a better blogger next time.

I knew I couldn’t pass up taking pictures of the HOMEMADE (that’s right) raspberry & blueberry pomegranate sorbet, which by definition, is vegan. OMG it was so good. Wow. All the pleasures of ice cream without all the ensuing flatulence haha.

Not much else to post for the 4th of July. I don’t mean to be a broken record but, so far, my fears about inconveniencing people and my perceived fears about the difficulty of veganism have remained completely unfounded. Everyone around me has accepted the change without missing a beat. My wonderful mom-in-law assured me (without provocation) that the salad dressing was vegan because she checked the ingredients for me. That sweetness deserves emoticons it’s so sweet of her…. <3<3<3 😀


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