Super Sexy Cherry Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

Yay, I’m still vegan! It’s been over a week now and every day, I fall more and more in love with being vegan. Maybe I’m just a big geek…okay, okay, I’m definitely a big geek. However, it just love cooking, trying new foods, new restaurants, and challenging myself to have new experiences. Here’s some fun breakfast ideas I’ve tried:

Super Sexy Cherry Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

 <—– I ask you, aren’t cherries sexy??

 <—- That’s right, it’s in a slurpee cup.


1 Cup Sliced Pitted Cherries (I hand pitted mine, yes it was a pain, but it was worth it)

1 Banana

1 Cup Soy milk or more depending on how much smoothie you want to make

1 Scoop flaxseed (Optional, but they’re really healthy for you so don’t be scared)

1 Tsp Baking Cocoa (If you want a richer chocolate taste, add more…perhaps a Tablespoon)

Blend. Drink!

Feel free to adjust to your liking, it’s a smoothie recipe, not advanced chemistry. You can change the ingredients, add more, use less…whatever!


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