New Vegan Offering At Starbucks

Update! – I have confirmed that the Sesame Noodle Bento Box from Starbucks is completely vegan, even the chocolate square! Check out for the ingredients list etc!

Now Starbucks has more than just soy milk. Standing in line today at my favorite Starbucks I noticed a new food item, cute little bento-like lunch boxes. I instinctually started picking them up and reading labels and ingredients and guess what?? One of them is vegan 😀

It’s a tasty looking little sesame noodles lunch, with tofu squares, noodles, snap peas, and I think a little cucumber salad. They include a little chocolate square which may not be vegan. It is separately packaged so just read the ingredients and if it’s not vegan just toss it or give it to someone else.

There’s Starbucks encroaching on every corner and with their little vegan bento, you never need to hungry on-the-go again 🙂

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