2 thoughts on “What would you like me to blog about? Poll now!

  1. Hey Lily! I think it’s great that you are providing the vegan perspective. I was vegan/veg for nearly 8 years and towards the end of that era I found by observing other vegans that so many vegans eat an unhealthy diet. I think it is assumed by most that if you eat a veggie or vegan diet that you are eating ‘healthy’. But one does not have to be well versed in human dietary needs to understand that the notion of ‘no animal products = automatic health’ is not necessarily true.

    I think many people would benefit from the discussion of the dangers in relying on processed fake meats and soy products when eating a vegan diet. I think it’s important to point out the nutritional difference between processed foods and natural foods regardless of your dietary choices, but I emphasize this for vegans because it is assumed health comes naturally when not eating animal products.

    • I completely agree! It seems silly to say, but being vegan means eating a plant-based diet. You still have to eat your vegetables people ;>

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