Tofu Scramble Step-By-Step

Hi All! Tofu Scramble, it seems to me is a vegan staple food. Every single vegan cookbook I own, has a recipe for their own version of Tofu Scramble, and you know what? They should. Tofu Scramble is fast, it’s easy, it’s delicious, AND it’s super versatile. Change a few ingredients there, add a few here, it’s a dish you can truly customize to your taste buds desires. So without further adieu, here’s how to make Tofu Scramble:

Step 1: The Tofu-

Okay, so you can’t just take a full wet block of tofu out of its watery container and throw it in a pan. Deep down inside, you already know this. Many people are suspicious of tofu and I can understand why. I can just picture you standing in the grocery aisle with that packaged tofu in your hand, a semi-perplexed look on your face. You might as well have a thought bubble over your head “I know tofu can taste good because I’ve had it before at restaurants or in my favorite chinese food…but this tofu looks just wet and white and…weird. I guess it will be better once it’s cooked”

Well you’re partially right. Tofu can taste delicious! It has such a neutral flavor profile it can literally be made to taste like anything (in a good way)! However, you are somewhat right in your suspicions…if you just take that water laden tofu out of the container and throw it in a pan…it’s gonna be bad. Eww.

So what do you do?? All it takes is a little prep work!! Before you start groaning, just remember that almost any produce takes a little prep-work. You have to thaw, clean, trim, dress, and season meat. You often have to wash, cut, slice, peel or clean vegetables. Tofu isn’t weird and different, it’s just like any other food just waiting to be made into something tasty!!

There are many many ways to prep and prepare tofu, please feel free to look in your favorite vegan cookbook or other vegan blogs for guidance! Google it for god sakes. Don’t be scared.

This is the way I like to prepare tofu. I really prefer a dry, firm, meaty texture to my tofu. If that sounds good to you then follow my instructions for prepping tofu.

Tofu Prep- Step 1:

Buy some tofu packaged in water.

Put the whole package in your freezer and freeze overnight. When I buy a few cartons of tofu, I just freeze all of them immediately and then take them out as needed.

The next day….Remove 1 tofu package from the freezer and let thaw completely. I just thaw mine partially on the countertop and then move it to the refrigerator to thaw the rest of the way.

Once tofu is completely thawed, cut open the package over your sink and drain out all the water.

Blot your tofu with a paper towel.

At this point, your tofu should feel very firm, heavy, and somewhat sponge-like (don’t get scared).

Place the tofu between your hands and squeeze all the water out firmly. Lots of water should drain from the tofu (like a sponge). Continue firmly squeezing until all the water is drained.

At this point your tofu should be very firm and dry.

Now you’re ready to cook with it!!

Step 2- The Scramble:


1/2 or 1 Whole Block Prepared Tofu

Olive Oil (for sauteing)

1/2 Tsp Minced Garlic

1/2 Tsp Tumeric <– This gives the tofu a really nice yellow color, which makes them almost indistinguishable from real eggs

1 Tsp Cumin <– This gives a nice rich savory flavor to the scramble

A sprinkle of Paprika <– For more savory Flavor

Mixed Chopped Vegetables (whatever your heart desires really) For clarity sake, this is what I used for my own classic take on the tofu scramble- 5 sliced Baby Portabella Mushrooms, 1 Small White Onion Diced, 1 Yellow Bell Pepper Diced, 1/2 Cup frozen Chopped Spinach

2 Tablespoons Nutritional Yeast <— Don’t get scared, this is simply a dry flake which can be purchased at most health food stores, its going to bind everything together and give your scramble a nice toasted savory taste. If you’re really scared, you don’t have to put it in.

Salt, Pepper, Breakfast Hot Sauce (Tabasco/Tapatio/Cholula) to taste.

Step 3- Cook It Up!:

Crumble the tofu with your hands, set aside in a bowl. See how dry it is? If your tofu isn’t dry enough, squeeze more liquid out. Don’t worry about breaking it, it’s a scramble, the tofu is supposed to be crumbled 🙂

Heat your oil & minced garlic in the skillet. Add your hard veggies (in my case, the onion and bell pepper) Sautee until tender, onions should be semi translucent and bell pepper should be “sweating” a bit, 5 – 7 mins.

Add tofu to your skillet and heat through, 2 – 3 mins.

Add your spices (tumeric, cumin, paprika & nutritional yeast). Sautee until spices are all mixed in and heated through 2 – 3 mins. Tell me that doesn’t look like eggs!

Finally, add your soft veggies (in my case, chopped frozen spinach and mushrooms) and sautee until heated through and mushrooms are soft and brown and delectable looking 5 mins or until its hot!

Season to taste with you salt, pepper, hot sauce, ketchup, whatever you usually eat on an egg scramble. Eat! In my case, I got all wild and crazy and put the finished scramble in little corn tortillas and topped with salsa. Happy Breakfasting!






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