Quick, Easy, Omnivore-Friendly, and DELICIOUS Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

AKA The triumphant return of my blog!!! I’m not even going to apologize for my absence because grad school is crazy and I have been streched like not enough Earth Balance on too much bread…. Ok, yes, I am going to apologize. I’m sorry. I do my best. I’m blogging right now aren’t I?? Give me some slack and take this recipe for vegan breakfast sandwich deliciousness as my penance.

 <— Yes, okay, it’s not the best picture ever but that’s just a testament to it’s scrumptiousness !! I couldn’t even wait to eat it!! I wasn’t tryn’ to mess with no picture!! I’m tryn’ to eat my hella good sandwich!!

English Muffin (I used Ezekiel English muffin)

Gimme Lean “Breakfast Sausage Style”

1 slice Galaxy Foods Vegan Rice Cheez “Cheddar”

Earth Balance Butter (to taste)

Black Pepper (to taste)

Maple Syrup (for drizzling)

1 TBSPN Olive Oil (for the pan)

Directions –
1. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a pan. 
 2. Grab a golf ball sized chunk of the “sausage” from the tube of Gimme Lean. Between your palms, flatten the ball into a sausage patty to the desired size and thickness. Sprinkle black pepper (preferrably fresh cracked) on each side of the uncooked patty. 
 3. Place patty in hot oil. 
4. Put the English muffin in the toaster
5. While the muffin is toasting. Flip the sausage patty until browned on both sides. 
6. At the last minute, place vegan cheese slice on top of the party and cover the pan. Wait for Cheez to melt. 
7. When the english muffin is done, butter one side and drizzle maple syrup on the other side. 
8. Remove the cooked patty from the pan, assemble the sandwich, add more pepper or syrup as needed. 

Eat! Enjoy!!

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