The Other Vegan Butter

This might not be news to anyone but me, but there is another vegan butter out there besides Earth Balance! Now we all know of the resplendent delicacy known as Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Spread. Yes, it’s amazing. So amazing that it has been exalted to a near-holy status in the vegan food world.

So why, you may be asking, would I bother blogging about any V-Butter other than Earth Balance? Here’s why…

Until very recently I did almost all my grocery shopping at Whole Foods. No shortage of vegan products there. Sadly however, there is now a shortage of cash at my disposal. This cash-drought coincided with the grand opening of a sparkly new Safeway just around the corner from my house.

Upside —>

  • Cheaper food
  • Closer to my house  thus saves gas/emissions from driving there
  • They send a cornucopia of weekly coupons to me

Downside —>

  • Waaaaaaay less vegan specific products

Upside > Downside = I shop at Safeway now.

So there I was at Safeway two nights ago… I’d checked everything off my little shopping list except one thing. Earth Balance. I cruised over to the dairy aisle, which is also the beer aisle (so weird). I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t eat dairy so this is an unfamiliar wasteland to me. I don’t know where stuff is, it’s cold, please god I just want a vegan butter. I arrive at the butter “section” and no Earth Balance. I’m really not surprised, but I’m feeling a bit deflated at this point as the final shred of hope that I was going to leave Safeway with the ability to butter my toast in the morning was quickly evaporating.

Luckily, I’m stubborn resourceful and I just started grabbing margarines off the shelf and reading the ingredients. Hoping against all hope that maybe one of these would be so artificial and chemical laden that it would be accidentally vegan. Like Oreos.

(Sidenote: Seriously people, I know they’re “America’s Favorite Cookie” and they’re accidentally veganandohmygodisn’thatawesome?!?! No. No it’s not. Doesn’t it bother you that a cookie which arguably should have a dairy ingredient, doesn’t?? They’re so chemically preserved that they ended up accidentally vegan. No bueno. Stop with the Oreos.)

But I digress. After some sighing, angry mumbling, and exaggerated hand gestures at the seeming lack of vegan butters at Safeway I came across this:

 I know it’s blurry, but it says VEGAN. I promise.

So YAY! I left Safeway triumphant. I buttered my toast this morning.

I just wanted to pass this joyous news along to anyone who may not be as fortunate as some of us to have a great bounty of vegan products at our local grocery store. Smart Balance Light is low-fat, vegan, and available at most MAJOR grocery stores.

It’s good news for the rest of us 🙂


13 thoughts on “The Other Vegan Butter

  1. Hey Lili,
    Good post! I’ve bought Smart Balance Light before too, but it may have been in my pre-vegan days. I wonder if the regular Smart Balance is vegan, too?

  2. It’s disgusting compared with Earth Balance…. Safeway actually carried Earth Balance up ’til a few weeks ago and then they stopped… for no apparent reason. I’ve been trying to get used to Smart Balance, but it’s really not even close when it comes to taste and you can’t use it for cooking as well as you can Earth Balance. It acts more like a margarine. *yuck* I may start buying my butter at Whole Foods just so I can get Earth Balance again.

    • I agree that the Earth Balance is a superior product to the Smart Balance Light. I find the flavor just fine, it tastes like butter to me. If you’re in a pinch or living in an area where Earth Balance is nowhere to be found, I would still stand by my recommendation to try the Smart Balance Light.

  3. On the back of the container it’s says that the original formula is better for baking but it has whey in it! I used this lighter version to make banana bread and it worked just fine! 🙂 Thanks for the post! it was helpful…Safeway definitely stopped carrying Earth Balance! 😦

    • THANK GOODNESS someone is acknowledging the palm oil issue. I have been researching all night for a vegan butter and I have had it with the Earth Balance lovers being fooled.

  4. We are VERY new vegans, so this may be a dumb question, but isn’t lactic acid a dairy “product”? Which it says is in this product.

    • It’s not a dumb question at all!! Contrary to its name, lactic acid doesn’t come from dairy. Weird name then, right? 🙂

  5. I realize I’m responding to an old post, so this may not get out to the people, but my safeway in Fairbanks, Alaska carries Earth Balance. I don’t know if it ever stopped, but it carries it now 🙂

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