Vegan Cream Cheese Review: Showdown!

Hello! Here is my second, long awaited vegan product review! Today’s topic: Vegan Cream Cheese! For all you vegan novices, vegan vetereans, and non-vegans alike, I put my taste buds on the line and tried all three vegan cream cheeses currently on the market (that I could find anyway). If you know of other V-Cream Cheese that I should try, leave a comment!

When testing and writing about vegan yogurts a few months ago I was really excited to have an excuse to search out and taste every V-Yogurt on the market. I charged into my grocery store with glee, almost certain that I would like each yogurt. However, when pondering the prospect of trying vegan cream cheeses, I was actually a little concerned that I might find some V-Cream cheese that I absolutely hated. Then I’d have a whole little tub of it that would languish in my refrigerator until I could think of some creative way to use it which might hide its intrinsic awfulness. I was already brainstorming contingency plans for gross V-Cream Cheeses (maybe baked into a cake it wouldn’t be awful?), when I purchased my first tub…

Thankfully, my fears turned out to be baseless. Fear not, potential V-Cream cheese buyers! I’m here to asuage your fears and tell you that (believe it or not) all the cream cheeses I tried were good!!!! Here’s the breakdown!

 <—So good, I couldn’t restrain myself from taking a bite before the picture

Galaxy Foods Vegan Cream Cheese Chive & Garlic


Delicious. I mean wow. It tastes like cream cheese.

I put this right on my bagel.

The “real” cream cheese taste is right on.

Light, spreadable consistency

Looks appetizing when you open the tub, swirled like real cream cheese


None that come to mind, its time that Galaxy Foods got some serious recognition.


I recommend this to anyone. Remember folks, I still remember what cream cheese is “supposed” to taste like. Galaxy Foods is the winner here.


I can’t say enough about this cream cheese. I will ABSOLUTELY buy this again and again. When I became vegan, I was really ready to just retire the idea of ever having cream cheese on a bagel ever again. It was going to be bagels with Earth Balance from here on out people. Galaxy Foods has brought cream cheese back into my life.

Come to think of it, I think I have tried all of Galaxy’s vegan products line and I have to say, they have not disappointed me once. As I write this, I am realizing what a great company this is. They don’t have a huge line of vegan products, but what they do, they do WELL. I mean, Daiya only makes shredded cheese (and now blocks) and they are practically revered. It’s time Galaxy Foods got some recognition. Seriously, if you haven’t tried their products, its time. Go out and buy the vegan cream cheese with chives. You won’t be dissapointed.


Winner Galaxy Foods: First Place All Around, Best Vegan Cream Cheese

Winner Galaxy Foods: Most Accurate Cream Cheese Taste!

Follow Your Heart Vegan Cream Cheese


Good in baking

Good in desserts

Good on a sweet bagel (like Cinnamon Raisin)


Doesn’t taste like cream cheese

Distinct sweetness which doesn’t lend itself so well to savory bagels


Recommeded for fans of “Follow Your Heart” brand, or bakers looking for a cream cheese to put in your dessert. Not recommended for first time V-Cream Cheese buyers. Not recommended for someone looking for an identical cream cheese subsititute.


My comments so far may be leading you to believe that I am going to give a bad review of Follow Your Heart, but that’s not true. I actually enjoyed the Follow Your Heart brand cream cheese just fine. It does have a distinctly sweet flavor which lends itself better to sweet bagels (and really does work great in baked goods like cream cheese brownies), however it just doesn’t quite work for me on a plain bagel or a salty chip. I just couldn’t really define this as tasting like cream cheese. There are many other Follow Your Heart products which I love, I just didn’t love their cream cheese. Seriously though, if you are looking to bake a cream cheese dessert, give the Follow Your Heart a try!!


Winner Follow Your Heart: Best Cream Cheese for Desserts

Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese Herbs & Chive



Very close cream cheese taste

Herb and chive flavor is really nice, more herb than chive, very tasty

Looks appetizing in the tub

Good right on your bagel


A little less like a cream cheese and more like an herb spread (tastes super good though)


For nearly everyone. Tofutti is such a classic vegan product and they just do a great job. I truly believe that anyone would like this. However, if you are a super stickler for cream cheese flavor and you just want a product that tastes exactly like cream cheese and you don’t care about anything else, I would recommend the Galaxy brand over Tofutti. For everyone else who just enjoys a nice V-Cream cheese or spread, try it, you’ll like it.


Tofutti brand really surpassed my expectations. After I tried the Galaxy brand, I really didn’t care if all the others tasted like crap, but I am just doubly lucky that Tofutti is so awesome. I will definitely buy Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese again. I love variety and I’m really excited to try Tofutti’s other flavors: Plain and French Onion (dip anyone?). For me, Tofutti was the most versitile of the cream cheeses, you could probably spread it on anything, as well as use it in other recipes like dips or sauces. I can’t wait to use this in other recipes… Heck, I’ve got some in my fridge right now, I can’t wait to put it on my english muffin tomorrow for breakfast!


Winner Tofutti: Most Versatile Spread

Winner Tofutti: Most Flavor Varieties

13 thoughts on “Vegan Cream Cheese Review: Showdown!

  1. This is great! My very first V-Cream Cheese was “Follow Your Heart,” and to me it tasted like a lemony spread. Not bad, but not cream cheese! Then I turned to Tofutti, which was better and I’ve come to love it for what it is, but it still missed the mark. Now I have to check out Galaxy Foods!

  2. FYI….after reading your review I went straight to the store and bought Galaxy’s Vegan Cream Cheese Chive and Garlic and a box of crackers :), but contrary to your review, the package says it contains soy, which I’m allergic to. My fault for not taking time to read the label for myself….but thought you might want to make the correction. I did get in a couple WONDERFUL bites before I discovered this and it most definitely tasted like real cream cheese…just hope I don’t pay for not researching it for myself! Thank you for your reviews-I greatly appreciate them!

    • Hi Lisa!

      I am so sorry about my mistake about the soy! I must have missed that somehow!! I’ll check my label at home, maybe they changed the formula?! Or maybe I just didn’t read the label properly. In any event, my apologies and I’ll update the post tonight to reflect the soy… I’m glad you are enjoying the blog, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your readership!

  3. Great post! I just wanted to know if you’ve done a vegan cheese review yet?
    I’m an 8-year-vegetarian-turned-weekday-vegan and I’m a huge cheese head. So I’m verrrryyy picky about cheese…..and was super excited when I read reviews swearing by Daiya’s cheese substitute. But when I ate it I was sad to discover it just didn’t live up to my high expectations (tasted more like cheese whiz to me). So I’m once again excited to hear that you’re a recent vegan like me, and maybe you’re still in the authentic cream cheese mode too! Either way, I’m going to give Galaxy a try and keep an open mind!

    Just wanted to see what your thoughts were on Daiya? I tried the shredded cheddar – maybe the mozzerella will have a less plastic taste…!

    • Hey Kristen! Thanks for reading!! Yeah I do love the galaxy cream cheese but I’ve been eating a lot of the Tofutti Herb & Chive (or garlic herb… Can’t remember the exact name) lately and I’m loving that too! It’s great on English muffins.

      I actually share your feelings about the Daiya cheese. It’s really not my favorite. I don’t really care for the texture and it doesn’t have a really authentic cheese taste to me. It tastes kind of processed to my palate. I much prefer the Follow Your Heart mozzarella for pizzas… But there are vegans out there who would argue vehemently against Follow your Heart (FYI you MUST cook Follow Your Heart cheeses… In lasagna, nachos, pizza, whatever… It’s NOT for eating raw. Eww.)

      I’ll definitely be doing an official cheese review post soon because I’ve tried quite a few and there’s some that I like. I can get my fiancee’s opinion also because he’s an even newer vegan!!

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  7. Thanks for sharing.. A closer inspection on the Tofutti will reveal a very unhealthy transfat %… Not good. I would pass on this product on that fact alone…Cant understand why so called vegans insist on identical dairy and meat products with the same tastes, are you really missing the taste of dead animals? Follow your heart is a healthy product by far…

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