Liebster Award!


My blog has been nominated for a Liebster Award!!!! OMG! Thank you so much A Vegan in Progress for nominating me! I am truly honored.

As a nominee, I answer the 11 questions posed to me by A Vegan in Progress, ask 11 questions for my nominees and nominate 11 of my favorite up-and-coming blogs!

Questions from A Vegan in Progress:

1.  What makes you happy?

Oh god… all things geeky. I am happiest when I’m at home with my dogs and cats and fiancée just geeking out on video games or watching anime or Star Trek The Next Generation. Seriously, my nerdiness knows no bounds.

2.  What is the best decision you have ever made?

The best decision I ever made was to persist in getting my college degree. It’s not really a decision I made in a single moment or day. I had been languishing in community college for four long years… I ran into so many of the same problems that other community college students face, I couldn’t meet with a counselor, I got bad information, I couldn’t register for the classes I needed, I missed deadlines. It was unbelievably frustrating and there were numerous times that I wanted to give up… but I just never did. I just kept plodding along despite a near complete lack of motivation and finally I transferred to a four-year college. I went on the graduate school and now I have my master’s degree in public policy.

3.  What’s your favorite snack?

Oh that’s a good question… hmm. Well the snack I have most often is coffee. I don’t know if that’s really considered a snack because it’s liquid. Maybe I should choose something else…

Chips and salsa is definitely a favorite of mine. Cereal is another favorite, although I’m not sure if cereal would be categorized as a snack or a meal. I’m a little bit of a weird eater.

4.  What’s on your holiday wish list?

Clothes from Sourpuss Clothing, anything from Barnes & Noble (especially the new book Vegan Food Gifts), items from the Toki Doki store, anything Adventure Time, the Pitbulls for Pinups Calendar or The Unexpected Pitbull Calendar, a lipstick from Red Apple Lipstick, lingerie from Purrfect Pineapples … and if I had a million dollars or a wealthy benefactor, something from Wheels and Dollbaby

5.  What’s your guilty pleasure?

Tattoos? Although I don’t feel guilty, much to my parent’s chagrin.

6.  What do you like to do on a rainy day?

Stay inside all day… put the dog’s bed right by the fireplace (but not too close) and curl up on the couch with some nostalgic TV show like Daria.

7.  What’s the most impressive meal you can make for non-vegans?

Honestly, my fiancée is a much better cook than I am. If we had non-vegan guests over, I’d leave the impressing to him. I can make some pretty badass Peanut Butter Blondies though…

8.  What convinced you to start a blog?

I started The Very New Vegan the very first day I went vegan (thus, the name). I really wanted to chronicle my transitions, foibles and fun for anyone who was considering trying a vegan lifestyle. I wanted to show my readers that it’s not that scary to follow the calling of a compassionate heart.

9.  What is your favorite cook book?

I am a total cookbook hoarder… I have so many, I haven’t even made more than one or two recipes from each. However, I have to say that I think my favorite one is Chloe’s Kitchen. Everything I’ve made from that one had been absolutely faboo and I find the recipes to be really approachable to everyone, vegan, non-vegan, gourmet chef or no-so-great-cook.

10.  What is the biggest challenge for you in terms of your lifestyle?

Being vegan has been a joy for me. It’s opened up my heart and fired my creativity. However, I will say that going out to breakfast or brunch at a regular restaurant has been not so joyful… unless you’re at a vegan place or at home there’s nothing on the breakfast menu for me.

11.  Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by those who take a chance and listen to their heart, whatever it may tell them. I’m inspired by people who don’t let their fear get in the way of their moral compass. I’m inspired by the tiny light of love wherever it flickers.

My questions for my nominees:

1. What’s your favorite food?

2. What inspired you to start your blog?

3. What’s on your Christmas list?

4. What is the fear that stops or slows you down?

5. You just won an all expenses paid vacation anywhere in the USA, where are you going?

6. You just won an all expenses paid vacation anywhere in the world, where are you going?

7. What movie never fails to make you cry?

8. Have you ever considered going vegan? If you’re already vegan, tell us why. If you’re not, tell us why.

9. Do you have any companion animals?

10. Last really good laugh you had, what was so funny?

11. Favorite soda?

My Nominees:

1. Digital Humanoid

2. The Soy Free Vegan

3. GradGuru

4. Vegan Pinup

5. Renee Speaks Out

6. Veronica Beaty

7. My Whole Deal

8. Crash Test Vegetarian

9. Just Jenny

10. OPEN! Who wants to tell me about their blog? I’ll nominate you!

11. OPEN! Who wants to tell me about their blog? I’ll nominate you!

Nominees! Follow these instructions!


1. Add the award icon to your blog!

2. Link to your nominator to say thank you.

3. Each blogger should post 11 facts about themselves.

4. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, & create 11 questions for your nominations to answer.

5. Choose 11 up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers, go to their blog, and tell them about the award.

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