Vegan Resolution this New Years?

Happy New Year!! YAY 2013! Today, I want to talk about *surprise* New Year’s resolutions. We all have one…don’t lie… you know you have a secret one that you don’t want to tell anyone about yet because you’re afraid you’ll totally fail and then sometime in the future someone will totally bring it up and then you’ll feel like a lame-o.

I know your inner thoughts. Don’t try to hide.

Anyways, I hope that whatever your  resolution is, that you are still going strong 5 days in to the new year! I’ll tell you my resolutions just for fun, then I’ll get on with the main topic of today’s post. Can you guess yet what it is?

The Very New Vegan’s Super Awesome Resolutions That She’s Totally NOT Going to Flake Out On. For Real. I’m Really Gonna Stick It Out. Like In 2014 I’m Gonna Be Like “BOOOM!” I Did All My Resolutions.

1. Get Married! <– Okay, so I’m already engaged and I’m well into the planning process at this point, so it’s not really that impressive that I’m going to meet my wedding resolution. If I don’t, then that means my heart is shattered into a gazillion prices and I just wasted an obscene amount of money on a no-go wedding.

2. Blog MORE! <– That’s right! I’m going to blog more! I promise! I’ve been averaging about 1 post per month in 2012 and I can do better than that.

3. My fiancée Brian and I are starting our own VEGAN SMALL BUSINESS!!! <– I was going to make this a whole post of its own to celebrate our glorious launch, but I’m gonna give a little teaser now!

We are going to start our own vegan gift basket business. At the start, we will just have one vegan gift basket filled will super amazing and hard-to-find vegan snack delicacies. I’m talking all the sweet and savory variety you could ever hope to have in a basket. The spirit of our company is rooted in eco-consciousness, love and respect for all forms of life & bringing you the BEST TASTING vegan goodies on EARTH.

Soon however, we would like to expand into themed baskets like a “Sweets Lovers Basket”, “Cheese Lovers”, “Protein Lover”, “Just for Men Basket”, “Just for Ladies Basket”, “Vegan Starter Basket” etc…. We hope to launch online in February!

Our company will be called bVsket cVse / Bvsket Cvse / BVSKET CVSE (which one looks best?), basically Basket Case (because they’re gift baskets, we’re so clever) with the “A” turned on it’s head into a “V”, representing the basket’s being vegan. It was important to represent the vegan aspect of our company, but we didn’t want to be all in-your-face about it. YAY!

4. Learn to crochet. <– It’s just a little personal goal of mine. I’d really like to be good enough by next Christmas that I can hand craft some crochet gifts.

5. More consistent exercise and healthier eating. <– *Yawn* I know, me and the rest of the world on this one…

6. More time spent on my spirituality. <– I’m not a religious person but I would like to deepen my spiritual connection with a guiding creative intelligence. It sounds a lot fancier than it is… What this really means is that I’m gonna make an effort to pray more and I’ll try my hand at a little meditation.

NOW, on to today’s topic. 😀 Are you going vegan as your new years resolution???? Awesome! My fiancée just did!!! And he’s a pretty awesome guy so you’d be in good company. FYI, he also has a blog, and if you like video games, you should definitely check it out here.

Obviously, this entire blog is about veganism so you can find a lot of help in my older posts.

Especially this one, about my first day as a vegan.

This one, about my first vegan dining-out experience at a fancy restaurant with no vegan options on the menu…. or just to go Vegan Eating Out

And this one, about my first vegan grocery shopping trip.

This one too, which chronicles my first vegan screw up.

This one is good because it will link you up with the BEST vegan transition program ever. Waaaaaay more comprehensive than my blog.

Today, I just want to give you a kind of quick survival guide that will help you with your transition and hopefully point you in the direction of some great resources on transitioning to veganism, vegan cooking and vegan living.

Okay, so if Jan 1 was your first day, you’re 3 whole days in! Good for you!! Maybe you’ve made a couple of mistakes by now, but don’t fret! It’s a process. Being too hard on yourself is how resolutions become abandoned. Which brings me to my first vegan resolution tip!

Your Attitude Matters – Really, it does. Please trust me when I tell you, a good attitude makes all the difference in the world! Try to be positive, it shouldn’t be too hard, I’m sure you’re an amazing person! I mean, look at you! You’re trying a new healthy and compassionate way of living! I’m proud!

Keep an open mind when trying new foods. Chances are, you’re going to be trying a lot of new things in the coming weeks. I would bet that you might have had to make some pretty big changes in your food choices already! Keeping an open mind when you’re sampling new things or trying to figure out what you’re going to have for breakfast instead of eggs will make the process fun and not a chore.

Ask yourself: what do I like? Is it vegan? Can I make it vegan? You’ll start to find that a lot of the things you usually eat are easy to make vegan with just one or two tweaks to the recipe. It might be something as simple as switching from regular milk to almond, soy, rice, hemp, cashew, oat, or coconut milk. See how many choices you have?! You could have a non-dairy milk tasting party! Don’t forget to invite me!!

Since my fiancée went vegan 3 days ago, I’ve had a front row seat to what a difference your attitude can make. I’m more than slightly amazed at how open and willing to try new things he has been. I would describe him as a picky eater even as an omnivore and in his first 72 hours of veganism, he’s probably tried more new foods in the past 3 days than in the past 5 years we’ve been together! The best part? He’s liked everything he has tried. Being open to the idea that you might like a new food, is half the journey toward actually liking it.

Consult the Experts! – Do you have any vegan friends or family members? Tell them you’re trying out vegan living and get some support! Ask for their favorite recipes! Ask for vegan product recommendations! When I was a super new vegan I probably texted my friend Shannon The Soy Free Vegan and Sunny of Vegan Beauty Review 3-4 times a day asking for recommendations or just asking “Is __________ vegan?”. It was an incredible help.

Don’t forget, you can ALWAYS ask me questions in the comments!! I’ll answer you!

If you don’t have any friends of family who are vegan, don’t fret! Check out some podcasts, blogs, vegan magazines or grab some books on veganism!

Don’t miss Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s podcast Vegetarian Food for Thought which covers just about every topic you could dream up! They’re all good and Colleen delivers a compassionate message in a compassionate way.

Gary L. Francione of The Abolitionist Approach is a very interesting podcast as well. He advocates for veganism as a moral baseline and not as a lofty ideal. You won’t get a ton of information about how to become vegan, but you’ll get a wealth of information on veganism in an academic sense.You might not agree with everything he says but it’s definitely worth pondering.

There’s a toooooooooooooooon of blogs out there on veganism. I’ll list a few and then you can go out and start googling to your hearts desire.

The Soy Free Vegan – Oh my glob I taste tested her Stuffed Persimmon Cookies (recipe now posted) and I had like 8. It was embarrassing. I couldn’t summon enough self respect to stop eating all her cookies at her house. They were that good.

Vegan Beauty Review


Crash Test Vegetarian

Manifest: Vegan

The Post Punk Kitchen

Vegan Miss

Vegan Lovlie

Vegan Dad

Quarry Girl

And now my favorite…. BOOKS! I loooooooooove to read. Books are my heroin. If you want to get me a gift, just send a Barnes & Noble gift card my way. Here’s a few of my favorite vegan reads:

The 30 Day Vegan Challenge – This was my favorite book that I read when I was a transitioning vegan myself. I’m still trying out amazing recipes from it! My mom and I just made the “Better Than Egg Salad” and it was the best ever.

Vegan in 30 Days – I haven’t read this one personally, but I hear that it’s good!

Becoming Vegan – Written by an RN, it’s got tons of information on nutrients and health.

Animal Ingredients A – Z – It’s a nice little guide in case you are worried that an ingredient you don’t recognize might be animal derived. It’s especially helpful when you’re just starting out.

For example, did you know that gelatin, the most common ingredient in most gummi candy is made from animal by-products? We’re talking joints and hooves here, people. Eww.

Or that lanolin, a common ingredient in cosmetics and lotion, comes from the glands of sheep? Do you want to put sheep gland secretions on your face? Again, eww.

Chloe’s Kitchen – Is one of my absolute favorite cook books of all time. All her recipes are approachable and delicious.

I’m not going to cover all my fave cook books, I’ll save that for another post.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself – Remember, just like anything else that’s new, you might (probably will) make some mistakes. Keep the big picture in mind, why did you want to try veganism in the first place? Your health? Your love for animals? Curiosity? Eco-consciousness? They’re all fine reasons to go vegan.

So if you mess up, don’t abandon your resolution. Does it hurt the earth/the animals/your health more if you accidentally (or not) had one piece of non-dairy chocolate and move on?

Or does it hurt more to have one piece of non-dairy chocolate and then give up forever and have lotsandlotsandlotsmorenon-veganstuff fortherestofyourlife. I’m gonna say the latter.

If you’re the curiosity type, you owe it to yourself to give veganism a true and honest try. I don’t believe a real curiosity can be satiated in a week.

I’m sure you’re aiming for perfection, but don’t forget about progress.

So what are your resolutions? Are you a new vegan? New or not, why are you vegan? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Vegan Resolution this New Years?

  1. You were a big help to me when I was a new vegan! I’ve slipped quite a bit recently but have made a New Year’s Goal to eat healthier, that is, more conscientiously. Thanks for the book and blog suggestions! And Happy New Year!

  2. I would add Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chondra Moskowitz to the cookbook list. It’s fantastic. My other go-to book is The Vegan Table by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

  3. I am in High School and some of the kids in my school can be mean about my choice to go vegan. They tend to say stupid things like “well, our cavemen ancestors ate meat so shouldn’t we too?” and I want to be able to answer them in a way that is factual, but also nice. I don’t want to throw insults at them so I tend to stay quieter when they ridicule me. You should do a blog about thing to say that get the point across but that don’t get them defensive. Thanks so much for this blog! It has helped me a lot!

    • What’s great idea Sierra!! I’ll definitely do a blog about what to say to rude people…

      I commend you for being such a good example of veganism and on your desire to educate people rather than judge (even when some of those people are rude). Hang in there girl, we’ve all been where you’re at.

      Remember that you can always be proud of following your ethical compass. You’re strong AND kind and you and others like you should be celebrated.

      Check back soon for a blog post dedicated to you about what to say to people who are snarky. 🙂

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