I’m the Newest Pinup on Vegan Pinups!

It’s a little known fact that I do a little pinup modeling from time to time. Recently I was given the opportunity to join the (BRAND NEW) website Vegan Pinup and become one of “The Vegan Pinups”. Check me out!! I’m so honored to be able to be a part of a website that blends two passions of mine, pinup modeling and vegnaism!! The website is really cool, I love that each of the pinups showcase healthy eating, positive body image, compassion for animals and artistic female expression. I want to thank Tim (Vegan Pinup founder) for having such a kick ass idea and allowing me to be a part of his site!

I also want to draw attention to my AMAZING photographer Sophie Spinelle. Sophie owns and operates Shamelss Photography here in SF and in NY. If you have ever even thought about doing a pinup shoot for fun, Sophie is the one to do it with. My fiancee got me a photo package as a gift and my day with Sophie doing the shoot was one of the best days of my life. I had so much fun and I can honestly say that I have never felt more beautiful. She was so much fun to work with and Sophie is a true champion for women. Do yourself a favor and go get a photo shoot from her… then get on Vegan Pinup too!!

PS… I have a real job and such, so I use a model name (Sebastienne) for all my modeling stuff. It’s really me though, I promise! 😉 I will be posting new pictures of me on the site periodically as I do more shoots! And Tim is adding new pinups all the time! If you really need a reason to go and look at beautiful vegan women then I can’t help you…


4 thoughts on “I’m the Newest Pinup on Vegan Pinups!

  1. Hi, Sebastienne.

    First of all, I love the pictures of you. All the pictures on the site are great. And I think it is great that we live at at time when women can aspire to being sexy as well as being “serious” (intelligent and ethical and so on). I do, however, have a couple of questions.

    1 The first one is also addressed to Meinberg, as I understand Vegan Pinup is his site. I can see that the site is an excellent place for vegans who also happen to be interested in pinup culture. However, do you feel there might be a down side to promoting veganism as “sexy” and “healthy”? Don’t get me wrong. As a long-term vegan, I know that people can easily maintain good health without animal products. However, for a variety of reasons (genes, pre-existing conditions and so on), not all vegans meet the healthy ideal. And not all vegans want to be seen as “sexy”.

    2 How do you address the concerns of those women who believe that pinups are relying on male approval to maintain their self esteem? It is my opinion that such concerns are genuine but misplaced, but, as an outsider, I am only guessing.

    I find pinup pictures very pleasing, but I find myself becoming confused and inarticulate when some of my feminist friends express disapproval of them.

  2. Rad! =)
    I would respond to the above commenter that although not all vegans want to be seen as sexy, vegans are not a homogeneous group and it’s better to show the world that. Vegans can be city dwellers, homesteaders, pinup models, marathon runners, chefs, broke students, middle-aged men, etc. and anyone who is curious about veganism can see this and can see that they aren’t an “outsider” and that they can be vegan if they so choose. The only thing stopping them is themselves.
    Where I can see promoting veganism as “sexy” is PETA advertisements. They objectify women, have them pose naked as a prop for the animal portion of the ad, and have even posted derogatory ads for overweight women to go vegan to lose weight. A niche site for people who are vegan and enjoy pinups is not the problem.
    Pinups can be objectifying, but aren’t necessarily so, and don’t always rely on “good taste” to determine how misogynistic they are. They /can/ be objectifying if they are designed for the male sexual gaze, and this has been proven in studies, but pinups like the one above are not terribly sexual or designed to be doll-like or prop-like, so they can be empowering for the individuals having their pictures taken.
    ~a vegan feminist

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