Kitty For Adoption in the SF Bay Area

Hi everyone! I am going to be fostering a kitty starting Sunday and I wanted to put the word out that this beautiful boy is available to a loving heart and home!! Here are some pictures and a bio. I’ll update his bio as I get to know him better myself. If you or someone you know might be interested in providing him with a forver home, please leave a comment and we can get in contact!



Finny is fixed.  He is playful and likes to explore!   He gets along really well with dogs.  He does get along well with most other cats.

It would really be nice for him to go to a home that would appreciate how wonderful and sweet he is. Everything he does is just cute and very kitten like even though he is about 2 years old.
That being said he is unbelievably mellow. He is great being left alone and great when you are home.  I describe him as a good lap cat but he is just really affectionate, sometimes he even tries to groom me (which is comical).
He can be shy around new people but he warms up fast.  You can tell he has lived a loved life, he often sleeps on his back with his arms and legs spread wide out and doesn’t move even if you go up to him and rub his belly.  He actually loves having his belly rubbed.  He is unusually comfortable and at ease in his home and around people.  He has never bitten or scratched anyone, for any reason.  He is very unique.

2 thoughts on “Kitty For Adoption in the SF Bay Area

  1. Oh hey! That’s my man! He and Owen are the best of buds. They’re up in Sacramento with Leslie and I for the summer. So so so so glad I could take this guy. ❤

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